Dress Code | Gayle Corkery School Of Ballet

Dress Code 2018-2019



Ballet 1 M 4:00-4:45 Pink Motionwear (#4354c)
Ballet 2 W 4:00-4:45 Light Blue Motionwear (#4354c)
Ballet 3 F 4:00-4:45 Orchid Motionwear (#4354c)
Ballet 4 TTH 4:00 Periwinkle Mirella (M515)
Ballet 5 TTH 5:00 Red Mirella Dance Dress       
Ballet 6a MW 5:00 Black Mirella Dance Dress
Ballet 6b MW 6:00 Black Mirella Dance Dress
Ballet 7-8   Black*  
Pointe Fri-Sat Any solid color leotard*  


*The preferred style of leotard is Mirella M207L or Bloch 5415. No spider back leotards or turtle neck leotards. Leotards must be tasteful. A black skirt may be worn with the permission of the instructor. The recommended skirt is a short pull-on skirt. No tie skirts.

Pink canvas or leather split sole ballet slippers are to be worn with pink tights.

Students in Ballet 1, 2 and 3 will wear thin white socks with their ballet slippers. Tights will be worn for Parent Observation and performance. Shoes must fit snug like a sock.  Shoes that are too large inhibit the pointing of the foot. Strings of the ballet slippers must be double knotted and tucked in. Strings may need to be cut a little. Do not tie in a bow.

Ballet 1, 2 and 3 students must have hair in a ponytail or a bun. All other students are required to have their hair in a bun for all classes.  Students must arrive promptly with hair complete. A hair net and bobby pins must be included in dance bags.


ATTIRE IS AVAILABLE AT THE DANCE SHOP AT 2485 FOREST PARK BLVD.  They will have the list of required attire.