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2017-2018 BALLET SCHEDULE Downloadable Ballet Brochure
Ballet 1 M 4:00-4:45 Ages 5-6 Bracken  
Ballet 2 W 4:00-4:45 Ages 7-8 Corkery/Campbell
Ballet 3 F 4:00-4:45 Ages 8-9 Cheng
Ballet 4 TTH 4:00-5:00 Ages 8-10 Corkery
Ballet 5A TTH 5:00-6:00 Ages 9-11 Corkery
Ballet 5B MW 5:00-6:00 Ages 10-12 Kroeger/Corkery
Ballet 6A TTH 6:00-7:30 Ages 11-13 Corkery
Ballet 6B MW 6:00-7:30 Ages12-14 Kroeger
Pointe F 4:45-5:45   Kroeger/Corkery
Pointe S 9:30-10:30 (Studio A) Corkery

Students in Ballet 5A and 5B are required to attend 2X per week.

Students in Ballet 6A and 6B are required to attend 3X per week if they are on pointe.

Ballet 7 MW 6:00-7:30 Ages 12-14 Corkery/Li Chou Cheng
  S 10:30-12:00   Corkery
Ballet 8 TTH 6:00-7:30 Ages 15 and up Carrie Cheng
  S 12:00-1:30   Li Chou Cheng
Students in Ballet 7 & 8 are required to attend a minimum of 3X per week. Pointe and Variations will be taught at this level.

Placement of students is governed by individual potential and technical proficiency, not entirely by age or amount of previous trainging.

New students will need to call for an evaluation class before a placement can be made.


Gayle Corkery, Carrie Cheng, Li Chou Cheng, Natalie Bracken, Libby Kroeger. Ashtyn Campbell and guest teachers.